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Dr. Sudhanshu Arya (Homiopaithy) DHMS (cold flue and allergy Treatment)

The reasons that you should contact us


Nearly 30 Years of Experience

Experience is a key factor for a brilliant medical practice. Dr S Arya has loads of it in the form of nearly 30 years of independent as well as supervised experience. Groomed by his father and uncle he has successfully treated a variety of difficult cases.


Holistic Approach

In tune with the homoeopathic principles, Dr Arya takes care of every aspect of his patient as a person. This gives him a better understanding of the man in disease leading to better cure.


You Get a Thorough Listening

In order to grasp the nuances of personality of the patient Dr Arya insists that you share each and every problem with him so you get a thorough listening and a reliable complete confidentiality is maintained.

Your Destination for Health and Wellness

Dr Sudhanshu Arya