You can consult Dr Sudhanshu Arya in two ways. One is consultation in person at his clinic and another is online through e-mail

Consultation in Person

For consultation in person please call any contact number for an appointment, this is more like reserving/booking your number in a que. You will get a tentative idea of your turn.

Consultation through e-mail

For consultation through e-mail, kindly click at the link below to download the consultation form. Please e-mail it at the address given below after filling this form. There may be few clarification sessions before your personalized medicine is sent to you anywhere in India with few limitations regarding dispatch and location.

Special for Hindi

If you are using Hindi version of the consultation form - you can either

Type in or fill the form in your own handwriting or even use the form for sending information in as per the serial number of the lines on a plain paper in your own handwriting.

In case you are sending a handwritten record, you can scan the handwritten form and send as jpg or PDF

Information Required for a Proper Consultation

In a homoeopathic consultation it is very important to understand the PERSON-The INDIVIDUAL who is suffering so a deep understanding of the personality of the patient is very important.

Before taking up actual consultation it is highly recommended that you go through the guidelines for the patients so that you have an idea of what kind of information will be required by your doctor. Some of the information relates to your first blood relations and their illnesses as well as your past illnesses. You may need time to collect this kind of information. You may be asked many questions about your problems, your lifestyle, likes and dislikes as well as your personal and family history.

Find Guidelines for the Patients Here

Disclaimer and Terms of Operation and Privacy

Although homoeopathic treatment is known to be the safest treatment and without any side effects and complications and while utmost care is taken to provide you with the best professional care, guidance, treatment and therapy we neither claim nor guarantee complete success of such treatment etc.

All the information provided by you or gathered by us is kept confidential including your photos and videos. However your case may be presented in group discussions, seminars, databases and books/journals - printed or electronic with utmost care about keeping your identity a secret.

However your address, phone number & e-mail details are handled by our staff-members, courier, bank and many others thus making these vulnerable to misuse. In case of any misuse please inform us at the earliest for quick action.

Complete Case-Record and prescription will not be provided to the patient however the same can be provided to your new homoeopathic physician on his/her request on the professional letter-head [in case you wish to switch].

For the Billing purpose a prescription cum receipt will be issued which will detail the medicines given during a particular period and charges received for consultation and medicines.

The consultation and medication process involves these steps. (1st Time Consultation)

Download form > Send Back the form after filling > Clarification/Question -Answer Session > Prescription Finalized > Bill Issued > Deposit Money as per Bank Details > Medicines sent through courier

Follow up Consultation

Send details of the current status/problem along with registration number [ provided after first consultation]> Clarification/Question -Answer Session > Prescription Finalized > Bill Issued > Deposit Money as per Bank Details > Medicines sent through courier

If you proceed to undertake consultation and/or medication from Dr Sudhanshu Arya you agree to the above terms of privacy and operation.

Download Consultation Form

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